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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are sudden onset periods of intense apprehension and may last from minutes to hours. They will usually subside of their own accord. Symptoms may include numbness of various body parts, dizziness, faintness, heavy breathing, hyperventilation and loss of bodily control.


Panic attacks are often as a result of associations that brain has made. If you have a Vestibular problem and suffer an attack in a certain environment, the brain will very quickly associate this environment with your signs and symptoms. If you revisit this environment, it may trigger a panic attack that may replicate your attack.


You will then avoid this situation and your life becomes more insular. It must be remembered that this is not a result of your Vestibular problem but simply an association that can trigger the same feelings. Our Professional Councillor or Relaxation Therapist will help alleviate your problems. Please fill out the Panic Assessment Form (above) and bring it to your first appointment.

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