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Chartered Physiotherapist
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Please note, the Patient Resources tab is restricted to our Clients only.

Steve Oakley MCSP


Steve is a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is regulated by the Health Care Professions Council. He qualified in 1988 from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham and worked at a number of Hospitals in Manchester, covering Neurology, General Surgery, Orthopaedics and Chest Physiotherapy. He returned home to Rochford Hospital, Essex in 1990 where he took charge of the Orthopaedic wards. In 1992 he started work in the private sector and specialised in Vestibular Rehabilitation treating dizziness and Balance Disorders. He has built a fantastic reputation with the local GP's and ENT consultants and has patients referred to him from across Essex, Kent and Suffolk.







The Essex Dizziness and Balance Centre prides itself upon a Multi-Disciplinary approach that will restore you to an active and normal lifestyle. Upon your first visit you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your balance (vestibular) system. You will be given Treatment and a tailor-made  exercise regime which will be accessible via the Patient Resources tab to ensure that you absorb everything that you have been taught.

A relevant referral to our other Practitioners within the Clinic will be arranged if required.



What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Balance is controlled by inputs to the brain from the inner ear, the eyes, the joints and muscles. These provide a constant flow of information on movement, acceleration and equilibrium and the brain will process this information and make delicate muscular alterations to keep you balanced and safe. A failure of any one of these inputs will confuse the brain and result in an inappropriate correction to movement, posture and balance. Balance and awareness of body position relative to your environment is your safety mechanism, and any interruption to this system can be extremely distressing and life altering. Vestibular rehabilitation will address these problems and help to return you to a better quality of life.

Vestibular Rehabilitation is an exercise based program designed to promote healing within the brain to compensate for any disability.


The Essex Dizziness and Balance Centre practitioners have many years of experience treating dizziness and balance disorders. Our Multi-Disciplinary Clinic is passionate about the care of Vestibular Patients.


Vestibular conditions are extremely common and hugely under-estimated and misunderstood. We welcome any queries with a no obligation chat. Please call us free of charge.


Chat with fellow sufferers on our Social Forum (Click below)



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