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Our Vestibular Rehabilitation Clinic prides itself upon a Multi-Disciplinary approach to your care. The Clinics will always be extended for patient's needs.

Many Vestibular patients will suffer poor stability problems and anxiety even after treatment. Once you have completed your Rehabilitation we offer a service of Pilates, Yoga, Relaxation sessions and Massage to address these problems to help you to return to a full and active normal life. We also have an expert Neurological Physiotherapist on the team to whom we can refer you if the initial assessment flags up any suggestions of neurologiacal deficits.

Our Physiotherapists are Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are regulated by the Health Care Professions Council.

Aaron Trinidade is the dedicated ENT Consultant Surgeon for the Essex Dizziness and Balance Centre. He has an NHS practice at Southend Hospital with a sub-specialist interest in Otology (conditions and diseases of the ear, hearing and balance). After completing his medical training in 2001 , Aaron undertook ENT training in London and Cambridge. He went on to sub-specialise in Otology by completing two world-class Fellowships at Cambridge and Little Rock, USA. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, a member of the ENT-UK and of the Prosper Meniere Society, a society dedicated to disorders of the inner ear.

Aaron's training has given him clinical expertise in the rehabilitation of chronic ear disease such as tympanoplasty for perforated ear drums and more complex disease. He is also trained in the surgical rehabilitation of hearing in people who are hard of hearing and has a specialist interest in the management of dizziness and balance disorders.

Steve  Oakley is the Clinical Lead  and will undertake a detailed assessment of your Vestibular System on your initial visit. If you suffer from BPPV you should be alleviated of your signs and symptoms  within one treatment. You will then be advised to attend for one further short follow up appointment in order to ensure that the condition has been fully resolved. 

A personalised exercise regime will be designed to allow maximal compensation for any other Vestibular Disorders. Any prescribed exercises will be accessible under the Patient Resource tab to ensure that you do not forget what you have been taught.

Faye Owen has extensive experience in the Clinical setting, working as an HCA in the Private sector. She has worked alongside Steve with Vestibular patients since 2008. She is now the Team Leader of the Essex Dizziness and Balance Clinic and will ensure that you are seen promptly. She will be your first point of contact and will assist with the initial assessment and treatment and help you with after care. She will arrange your appointment. She is also a Level 3 Pilates Instructor and runs daily classes at the Centre.

Nicky O'Dell trained at Kings college in London and qualified in 1999. Since then she has worked at Bromley hospital NHS trust in Kent and then Southend University hospital in Essex from 2000-2012. Alongside which, she has worked in the Private sector.
She specialised in Neurological Physiotherapy in 2002, working with acute and chronic neurological conditions in the hospital and community settings. These conditions include, stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson's disease. She has completed the basic and advanced Bobath courses which is a worldwide recognised treatment approach for neurologically impaired patients as well as developed her skills in the treatment of spasticity.

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