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Vestibular Neuritis



The symptoms of Vestibular Neuritis (often called Neuronitis) are of sudden onset and may follow an upper Respiritaory Tract Infection. It may manifest itself in a single attack of vertigo, a series of attacks or a continuous condition that may last from three to six weeks. There will be NO hearing deficits but the patient may suffer from vertigo, nausea, vomiting, unsteadiness and nystagmus (an uncontrolled shaking of the eye). A strong indication of Vestibular Neuritis is a horizontal nystagmus with the faster beat towards the unaffected ear. The signs and symptoms may be made worse by head movements.


In the vast majority of cases, Vestibular Neuritis will be a one off episode but Rehabilitation will help to rectify any potential longterm problems and vastly speed up your recovery.

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